Midwest Ghost Hunters Paranormal Evidence

Were working on getting the investigations/evidence pages embedded into the new site but it's a huge project. Since we exceeded the allowed bandwidth on the old site, we moved it all to an external location and for now will continue to link to that URL until we get it all imported into this new area. You can link to the external investigations/evidence site right HERE or by clicking the graphic above! 

Keep in mind while browsing that not all investigations are represented here, just the ones which yielded significant paranormal evidence. As you browse through, keep in mind that we have encountered ALL of the different types of paranormal activity: residual, intelligent, "poltergeist" and non-human. 

For a review of the different types of "hauntings", click HERE for the descriptions/definitions which have been provided by The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). 

FYI: "orbs"

Midwest Ghost Hunters provides thorough paranormal investigations and take all inquiries very seriously. However, we do not consider "orbs" alone as presence of paranormal activity. We've conducted hundreds of experiments and have found that photographed orbs can be as simple as a sneeze or moving an item on a dusty shelf.  To learn more about our approach/disdain for orbs, follow this link: 

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