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We've been investigating the paranormal for many years and all our investigations, team member introductions, etc can be found right here! But if you're needing to skip right to requesting information regarding YOUR paranormal activity, just click the button below!

About Us


Midwest Ghost Hunters is a team of paranormal investigators/experts who have been providing skilled and professional paranormal investigations in the Springfield/Branson Missouri area for 17 years! Our group has been made up of the same 4 members this whole time! We're a combination of medical professionals, teachers and broadcasters and our goal is to help you find the answers you are desperately looking for. If you'd like to jump straight to the paranormal evidence, you can click the button below and check it all out! We would love to help you too! Click the (above or to the right depending if you're on your mobile or desktop) to check out some of the amazing evidence we have collected from sites right here in Southwest Missouri!   


In early 2019, we were approached by a local radio group in Springfield, Missouri and asked if we would be willing to record a weekly podcast about paranormal activity in general and in the southwest Missouri area and we were excited at the opportunity! We now record a weekly podcast called "One Paranormal Podcast" where we talk about everything from the investigation the night before to UFO's (no bigfoot :), sorry!). We don't try to produce a scary or provocative podcast, we just discuss paranormal activity that we have experienced and try to present it all in a lighthearted way as skeptics by heart but hardcore believers in practice! You can download all episodes at iTunes (Apple Podcasts) and the FREE apps TuneIN and Stitcher! We have been the most downloaded podcast on Midwest Family Radio's platform for several weeks and love having this extension to discuss paranormal activity! We have listeners from California to Indiana to Rhode Island and even the UK! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy putting them together every week! If you have questions you would like for us to address on the podcast, just click the button! 

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Midwest Ghost Hunters weekly "One Paranormal Podcast" is available on Itunes (apple podcasts), Stitcher and Tune In right now! Here is episode one, we thought we'd put at least one on youtube. There are many more available for download now! 

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