Chris/co-founder & lead investigator

Hi, I'm Chris, a physical therapist by trade but I have been interested in and have been studying the paranormal since I was in elementary school. As co-founder of Midwest Ghost Hunters with Dustin, I have made my role as your first point of contact before, during and for as long as you need after your investigation. I specialize in audio EVP's and providing a deep, historical analysis of your home or property.  I love to apply my knowledge of physics and human neurology to our cases to help you find the answers you are looking for.  Don't ever feel embarrassed or "crazy" to share your experiences with us. After 17 years, we have seen, heard and even felt it ALL!


Dustin/Co-founder & lead investigator

Like many in this field, Ive had my own paranormal issues which I have dealt with as a child and has resulted in a lifelong interest in researching paranormal phenomena; I have been since the 2nd grade. Chris and I founded Midwest Ghost Hunters in an attempt to make open discussions about paranormal activity more "socially acceptable", or at least to provide an outlet for you to speak freely about your experiences with people who believe you, who have also had experiences which a majority of the population would NEVER believe. We've experienced things which we, ourselves, can't even reconcile. I am a public school teacher and spend my free time analyzing paranormal evidence from our investigations and the rest is spent watching the St. Louis Cardinals!


Tyler/tech expert & investigator

Hey, I'm Ty! and I am also a Physical Therapist professionally but, like Dustin (and so many others in this field) I have been dealing with my own paranormal issues since I was very young, some which continue to this day! I love to combine my own interest & experience(s) with paranormal activity with my knowledge of audio/computer software to dig even deeper into EVP's ruling out "the norms" so we can focus on real, actual paranormal evidence! I spend many hours with my headphones turned up too loud, most of the time rewinding the same audio piece over and over (and over) just to help YOU get the answers you need. And, yes...we've truly seen, heard and felt it all so any embarrassment about your issues should be out the window. We've been there/done that and will go there again for YOU with your investigation!


John/photographer & videographer

I have been a professional broadcaster for over 25 years and am the photographer & videographer for our team in addition to an investigator. Over the years I have become an expert an analyzing photo/video evidence as it relates to possible paranormal activity. My cameras have played a huge role in our process of evidence collection for Midwest Ghost Hunters for many years and I look forward to bringing my expertise to your investigation. I have been part of the team since we first started and in addition to photos and videos I also pride myself as an excellent debunker and enter every investigation with a completely open mind like all of my teammates do every single time. Bottom line, if it moves and is even slightly in frame, I WILL catch it.


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As lifelong paranormal enthusiasts we do not and will NEVER accept payment in any form for providing professional paranormal investigations. However, we would gladly accept any donations to help us keep our equipment inspected and up to date! 

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